What makes a girl intimidating

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What makes a girl intimidating

He stood there a moment, roughly five feet away from her as they both just stared at one another in an awkward silence.Naruto assumed his famous position with his hand rubbing the back of his head so hard that he might have drawn blood."Sorry about that Tayuya, wasn't thinking straight." He smiled sheepishly and Tayuya just grunted and turned away in a huff.Tayuya had slowly gotten used to the dark of the forests in her short time with Naruto and was stumbling or slipping much less than usual.Even so, Naruto was constantly aware of her position, making sure she was in fact following him and wasn't getting herself hurt.More than a few times she had found herself tripping over a root, about to greet the floor with her face only to be caught in a surprisingly gentle embrace.Naruto never even wanted a thank you; he simply did it because he didn't want to see anybody hurt.

Despite all their time together Naruto knew barely anything about his companion, she never opened up and never talked about herself.

A Biju." Again there was confusion written across Tayuya's features.

"I don't really understand it myself but from what I know the nine-tailed fox was the most powerful of them." While her curiosity was slowly being sated she still felt as though Naruto was avoiding her initial question however he didn't give her a chance to interject.

One second they were beating the crap out of you and carrying me off, the next thing I know is there was some kind of wild animal growling and I'm unconscious." This time Naruto stopped entirely and Tayuya nearly walked straight into his back, only managing to swerve around him and trip from her awkward footing.

Once again she was immediately in Naruto's arms being slowly lowered to the floor where he sat down next to her with his legs crossed.

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