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Transgender dating show

However it would still be a gay relationship, two biological males having sex, one with modified genitalia.

Sure, and as per my understandings of various relevant topics related to the question, I put the emphasis on individuals themselves to decide or define their own orientation, as opposed to providing oversimplified criteria attempting to cover such a broad and nuance range of human interactions.

How people rationalize and interact, assume and experience however.

What if they were born with XY chromosomes but female genitals? What if they were born brunette and the original guy 'preferred blondes' and still considers them blonde because they dye their hair?Which may also influence or sway them a certain direction.Which to some might be a spectrum mind you rather than a direct linear line.So the person in this video is princess Jule who is transgender, she gets asked all the time whether her BF is gay for dating her. Does a transgender girl look like a girl (big requirment) and have the necessary 3-hole requirement?? I think Jules' boyfriend was attracted to Jules because of his female appearance so it shows that he's attracted to people with features of the opposite sex so Jules' boyfriend is straight imo OP if you plan on creating more threads around transgender topics, then it would be better to just create one general thread, not a multitude of different threads with different hypotheticals/minutia, otherwise I'll start to lock the threads.Her BF identifies as straight, and she explains in the video why it's not gay for a man to date a transgender woman. Sex refers to biological sex preference not gender preference. Unless you subscribe to the idea that there is no such thing as straight and gay and sit on a spectrum, sexually. I find both women and men (rarely tho it may be) attractive, but have never had a relationship with a man. This is under the assumption you have to go all the way for it to count. Chances are these are duplicates as well, but for now I am okay with the threads (another OT mod may not be though) As for the thread and being on topic, it depends on the individual and how they interpret certain subjectives/objective ideas.

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Not everyone who claims to be adequately versed in science is.

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