Many fish in the sea dating

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Many fish in the sea dating

They are now seen as a nuisance, as they are one of the “most invasive species known and difficult to get rid of once established,” says Aaron Mc Nevin, a WWF biologist.

In Lake Apoyo in Nicaragua, tilapia escaped from a fish farm and their pollution and feeding reduced the lake’s quantity of an aquatic plant called charra, which was an important source of food for the lake’s native fish populations.

(12, 13)Modern fish farming practices often raise fish near the top of the food chain (affecting populations of fish that eat or are eaten by these species) and contain thousands of fish in tiny pens (similar to commercial chicken or cow operations).

As you may imagine, these conditions leave something to be desired and affect both the quality of the fish and the health of the ocean.

Sixteen years later, the lake’s biota are still recovering.

It’s tempting to opt for farmed-raised, as often the wild-caught fish cost twice as much!This density of fish creates problems like disease and pollution.The biggest source of pollution is the accumulation of fish waste and uneaten food beneath the sea pens which can degrade the quality of the surrounding water.In fact, around 50% of the seafood we consumes comes from aquaculture.It is a billion industry which has grown 9% a year since 1975.

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One example of this was the Pacific oyster in the UK, which was introduced into its waters in the 1960s via aquaculture with the idea that it would be a more commercially viable species than the native oyster.

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