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The first and most important thing you can do is give what you want to other people – be the change you want to see in the world.

If you want more affection be more affectionate with those around you; if you need a boost to your self esteem, boost someone else’s by telling them when they have done something well; if you want to be able to trust more, be more trustworthy, really be there for people when they need you.

If you can learn to acknowledge difficult emotions in other people you will come to accept them more in yourself and be less likely to close your heart when you feel them.

Often we shut down because our mind has raced ahead in a situation and we think we know what is going to happen.

Heart is a radio network of 21 adult contemporary local radio stations operated by Global Radio in the United Kingdom, broadcasting a mix of local and networked programming.

It is a very lonely place to be and your partner is usually the person closest so often the one who gets the blame – if only they were more affectionate or demonstrative; why don’t they make you happy?

In this state we see all of our partner’s faults in technicolor and may accuse them of being the very thing we are denying in ourselves – selfish, angry, lacking in affection, shut down, cold and heartless -We are sure that if this were a perfect relationship we would never feel this way.

Century 106 in the East Midlands became the third station of the Heart network in 2005 after GCap Media sold Century.

Chrysalis' radio holdings were sold to Global Radio in 2007.

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When GCap Media was taken over by Global Radio in 2008, it announced plans to dissolve the 41 station One Network, with one station (Power FM) becoming part of the Galaxy Network, four stations (BRMB, Beacon Radio, Mercia FM and Wyvern FM) forming a West Midlands regional network (which was latterly sold to Orion Media along with Heart 106), seven stations joining Capital FM to form The Hit Music Network and the remaining 29 stations forming the Heart Network.

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