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Installation specialists covering the whole of the UK.Helpful staff it costs nothing to ask and we are here to help.‘There is a speed camera warning sign and the camera is within a clearly-marked 30mph area, there are also clear markings on the road next to it.‘We have received one complaint about the visibility of this camera and we are currently looking into this.

The 713 clocks-in at an impressive 13 Gigapixels per second throughput and is packed with all of the same great features of the i-SPEED 7 Series, and driven by the same massive 3.1 megapixel sensor.

Speed cameras in the Avon and Somerset Constabulary force area were switched off four years ago, but 30 static cameras were set to be switched on again just ten weeks ago.

And despite reports that only two of the cameras were working, they managed to nab nearly 3,000 drivers in six weeks in February and March.

Drivers who are 25mph or more over the speed limit will be reported to court.

Other reasons for a report to court include the driver already having nine points on their licence or them opting to go to court.

essex safety safety safety

The 7 Series are the newest cameras in the i-SPEED family.