Emerge files need updating free sexi live webcam

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Portage lets you install software packages easy as pie. emerge is the definitive command-line interface to the Portage system.

It is primarily used for installing and managing packages.

If calculate ~ # emerge -av --autounmask-write =media-sound/audacious-2.5.3 =media-plugins/audacious-plugins-2.5.3 These are the packages that would be merged, in order: Calculating dependencies... [ebuild U ~] dev-libs/libmowgli-0.9.50 [0.7.0] USE="-examples" 103 k B [ebuild U ~] media-sound/audacious-2.5.3 [2.4.4] USE="nls session sse2 (-altivec) -chardet" 1,191 k B [ebuild U ~] media-plugins/audacious-plugins-2.5.3 [2.4.4-r1] USE="aac alsa cdda cue ffmpeg flac gnome ipv6 libnotify lirc mp3 nls scrobbler sdl sse2 vorbis wavpack -adplug (-aqua) -bs2b -fluidsynth (-jack) -lame -libsamplerate -midi -mms -mtp -oss -pulseaudio -sid -sndfile" 3,408 k B Total: 3 packages (3 upgrades), Size of downloads: 4,701 k B The following keyword changes are necessary to proceed: #required by media-plugins/audacious-plugins-2.5.3, required by =media-plugins/audacious-plugins-2.5.3 (argument) =media-plugins/audacious-plugins-2.5.3 ~x86 NOTE: This --autounmask behavior can be disabled by setting EMERGE_DEFAULT_OPTS="--autounmask=n" in

Would you like to add these changes to your config files? calculate ~ # etc-update Scanning Configuration files...

The following is the list of files which need updating, each configuration file is followed by a list of possible replacement files.

1) /etc/udev/rules.d/50-udev.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/._cfg0000_50-udev.rules 2) /etc/init.d/bootmisc /etc/init.d/._cfg0000_bootmisc 3) /etc/init.d/checkfs /etc/init.d/._cfg0000_checkfs 4) /etc/init.d/checkroot /etc/init.d/._cfg0000_checkroot 5) /etc/conf.d/clock /etc/conf.d/._cfg0000_clock 6) /etc/init.d/clock /etc/init.d/._cfg0000_clock Please select a file to edit by entering the corresponding number.

You compile all desired software optimized for your system.

Portage is a true ports (package management) system used by Gentoo Linux in the tradition of BSD ports, but is Python-based and has a number of advanced features including dependencies, fine-grained package management, fake (Open BSD-style) installs, path sand boxing, safe un-merging, system profiles, virtual packages, configuration file management, and more.

Web OS Goodies へようこそ! Web OS はインターネットの未来形。あらゆる Web サイトが繋がり、共有し、協力して創り上げる、ひとつの巨大な情報システムです。そこでは、あらゆる情報がネットワーク上に蓄積され、我々はいつでも、どこからでも、多彩なデバイスを使ってそれらにアクセスできます。 Web OS Goodies は、さまざまな情報提供やツール開発を通して、そんな世界の実現に少しでも貢献するべく活動していきます。 これは、設定ファイル(主に "/etc" 以下にあるもの)が更新されたため、手動でそれらを現在のファイルにマージする必要があることを示しています。Gentoo Linux では安全性を優先して、設定ファイルの更新はユーザーの判断で行うようになっているのです。手動といっても etc-update という専用のツールが用意されており、対話的に更新が行えるようになっているので、さほど大変ではありません。楽でもありませんが。(^^; それでは、さっそく設定ファイルの更新をやってみましょう。以下のようにして etc-update を起動します。コマンドラインオプションなどはとくにありません。 Scanning Configuration files...gentoox is a Gentoo based Linux distribution for XBOX. Taylor has made some excellent Gentoo artwork and a theme called Lila.Documentation: About Gentoo Linux User Docs Developer Docs Other Docs Philosophy Installation: Gentoo Handbook Resources: Mailing lists Discussion forums Official Gentoo IRC channels Security Announcements Online package database Developer List Bugzilla bug tracker Download Mirrors Daily CVS Change Log View our CVS via the web Performance benchmarks Graphics: Logos and themes Icons Screen Shots Miscellaneous Resources: Gentoo Linux Store Gentoo-hosted projects IBM d W/Intel article archive Gentoo is a Linux based operating system (OS) for computers (x86, Power PC, Ultra Sparc and Alpha).The services started at boot are selected using *rc-update* , refering to scripts found in */etc/init.d/* .(For details, refer to Gentoo docs: Gentoo Linux Init System But if you just want to run a command or two, just add them to: When you build packages gcc tends to steal all your CPU time.

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The GNU Midnight Commander can be built with and without support for gpm (Console-based mouse driver), nls (Native Language Support using gettext), samba (suite of SMB and CIFS client/server programs), ncurses (a console display library), X (xfree) and slang (a text display library).

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