Dating ruwp

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Dating ruwp

Not indexed in any selective databases, no independent sources (apart from a library catalog and a copy of text from the journal's own website on the UNC Dept. I used the library catalogue source to show that the journal is indexed in the ESBCOhost American History catalogue, I would've gone straight to ESBCOhosts journal index but there is a paywall.

At the very least, the journal is notable for being one of the few and first journals focusing on the work of undergrads, in fact, UNC Chapel Hill consulted with the editorial board of History Matters, as well as other universities with undergrad journals when they were creating their own undergraduate journal of history.

Easy to use, powerful Wikidata integration (primarily for infoboxes) for all Wikimedia projects that want to use it.

I want to improve and partially rewrite Lua module that was originally created for the Russian Wikipedia, and now it is used in 17 more Wikipedias.

Florida Army (talk) , 10 January 2018 (UTC) Fictional conflict.

All the supposed encounters listed in the article either didn't happen (there was no siege of Malacca in 1558), or happened outside the time frame or belong in a more appropriate page such as the Ottoman-Portuguese conflicts (1538-1559).

Otr500 (talk) , 8 January 2018 (UTC) Non-notable journal. Randykitty (talk) , 5 January 2018 (UTC) Keep, journal is one of the most popular undergraduate history journals in the United States, and is frequently mentioned in lists of notable undergraduate journals alongside Georgetown, Tufts, Yale, and Harvard University's respective undergraduate history journals.Due to the fact that the module will be actively used in many projects, and the development will be transferred to Media, it will be able to make a further contribution to all those who will use it.Do you think this project should be selected for an Individual Engagement Grant?If you wish to modify this entry to be about the firm I don't think anyone would mind.But the subject is covered substantially in reliable independent sources whether we treat it distinctly or under an umbrella topic.

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