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Courage website homosexuality

We are also about to have our fourth women's retreat.

The women also engage in sports activities, such as softball. I want to write another practical book in my last years for priests and professionals, teachers, psychologists and psychiatrists on how to approach or try to help persons with same-sex attractions to live chastely. I'm looking for someone, and I understand the shortage of diocesan priests.

Everybody needs chaste friendships, whether you are heterosexual or homosexual.

To face up to the temptations a homosexual person has, one needs an interior life of prayer.

I call this “interior chastity.” One begins with the imperfect virtue, which I call “white-knuckled chastity.” People are fighting temptations and they are knocking their white knuckles against the wall. If they die overnight they are afraid they will go to hell — that type of thinking.

In white-knuckled chastity, while they are afraid to commit the sin, they still have affection for the act, which results in a lot of vacillating.

As with heterosexual women, the women tend to see the relationship as more emotional than physical.

They have a much more unified sexual understanding. The original intention of Courage was to take care of the members at the meetings and help them to lead a chaste life.

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Since I am the only priest working out of the Courage office, we refer them to other priests located in their part of the country.

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