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Also you can make those new files either getting added straight to the library (add to library) or staying in inbox until tagging or other actions is done for the files (add to inbox).It's also possible to get the files moved automatically to designated folders by configuring library settings for either library (auto-organization) or inbox (auto-sweep).Tick the ones you'd like to use, then click the Transfer button in the bottom-right corner of the window to move them to your phone.

Consolidating your media won't delete it from your computer, it will place a copy into the i Tunes Media folder. This will display any music files that have already been discovered by Kies.

Click This Computer to view the songs you've just added from your i Tunes collection. After a few seconds, your selection will be copied to your phone.

You'll be offered a variety of sources from which to transfer music to your Sony Xperia.

MB has more advanced features for importing and managing new files than i Tunes.

You can make MB keep watching specific folders for new media files (monitored folders setting).

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