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Austin mahone talks dating websites

Yeah, right now the tour is about a lot of those street venues. This is actually the first tour that I’m not really doing a whole lot of choreography.

The concert — which had ticket sales topping 16,600 — was No. And this time there won’t be any backup dancers onstage. You go to a concert to have fun and be happy and just enjoy music. The San Antonio Express-News caught up with Mahone some 36 hours after the May 22 suicide bomber attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England. The conversation veered from the terror attack to the Spurs to his love of Whataburger to Chris Cornell — and, yes, music. What were your first thoughts hearing about the Manchester concert attack? And for something like that to happen is just so tragic. I leave that out of my mind even though it is scary and anything can happen and anything could really go down in a moment’s notice. Concerts are supposed to be a place for celebration. On a different note, did you watch the Spurs series against the Golden State Warriors? They’re always going to support me and be there for me no matter what. The feedback from my fans, my core fans, my core Mahomies, they always support me, no matter what decisions I make, no matter what direction I go into.

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Once you’re in the industry, you see how small it really is. Everyone’s traveling the world, everyone’s doing their own thing. It’s almost like a big high school, to be honest with you. When something tragic happens or something big happens in the music industry, everybody knows about it.

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